Revolutionize your customer's shopping experience and your brand communication

Digital Social Retail® : A Digital Convergence Platform

  • Create one piece of content for ALL your stores, or create custom groups: geography, sales regions, performance, etc.
  • Single interface for Social, Mobile, Loyalty and
    In-Store media, plus Analytics
  • Manage from any web browser, any computer
  • Point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface
  • Scheduling tool enables instant or pre-scheduled message delivery
  • Proprietary media box that connects your players and beacons to your dashboard commands

Touch your customers at every point
on their shopping journey


The Store

Rich-Media mobile messaging cuts through the clutter, drives foot traffic and “creates the crave” for your merchandise.


  • Social Retail’s proprietary platform plus beacons sends customized messages straight to shoppers’ mobile devices when they are near your store, motivating them to come in and shop
  • Dynamic rich-media messages that entice customers with promotions, coupons and special offers


  • Social Retail platform + Social Retail’s beacons = powerful traffic-driving messages
  • Send video streams, promotional codes for shopper discounts, maps and photos
  • Active buttons allow customers to share messages, sign up for your loyalty program…and more
  • Schedule by high and low traffic periods, time, day and update real-time


The Store

Optimize your digital signage and audio, enrich the shopper experience and bring your aspirational brand identity to life.


  • Flexibility to deliver updates in real-time, or schedule in advance to complement your annual promotion calendar
  • Precise control to customize and deliver relevant, timely content to individual screens, or update all at once


  • Single Interface: create, manage, update and schedule content across your entire retail network
  • Simple drag-and-drop tools for playlist creation and scheduling
  • Manage and catalog multiple forms and versions of content simply and efficiently



Mobile loyalty program strengthens your bond with consumers and ensures repeat visits.

  • Send timely loyalty program invitations to customers as they check out
  • Opportunistically invite customers to convert the purchase they just made into reward points by joining your loyalty program
  • Monitor the dollar value of these conversions via Social Retail’s loyalty analytics tracking


Manage and integrate your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ campaigns within your larger consumer engagement program.

  • One-stop creation and posting for all of your Social Media platforms — Real-time or schedule in advance
  • Manage all of your Social Media in just a few clicks, so your posts are timely and your brand message consistent
  • Integrate Social Media messaging with other elements of your digital engagement program for a consistent, impactful marketing campaign



With Social Retail’s robust reporting and analytics tools, you can convert consumer data into future sales dollars.


  • Average time in store
  • Street traffic clients conversion rate
  • Loyalty program subscribers
  • Loyalty program cumulative basket value over time
  • Equipment: beacon, video boxes, audio boxes and social accounts

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