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Armed with our advanced know-how in new technologies, coupled with our market experience and a whole lot of passion, Digital Social Retail met the rising need for in-store communication and POS traffic creation.

With R&D based in France and Israel, our products have been extensively studied and tested by experts to ensure our clients have the highest satisfaction. With new and evolving features continuously developing, our goal is simple: Helping to increase sales for our clients.

Thanks to our internal passion, we have developed innovative solutions for streaming through multimedia.


Cross-channel convergence has always been the major difficulty for retail brands.

  • How to develop an e-shopping site without competing with its brick-and-mortar sales outlets?
  • How to distribute and control the brand image and bring in more customers into the stores?
  • How to build customer loyalty, on and offline?
  • How to make Retail and Digital teams work together rather than competing with one another?
SOLUTION: We designed a Social Retail digital convergence platform

The conception process

Someone asked Picasso:

Master, how much time did it take you to make this work?

Picasso replied:

It took me twenty years to do it in ten minutes.

After several years of research, we have developed this platform in 14 months and we continue every day to improve on it.

A multitude of functional capabilities

  • Managing iBeacon campaigns per store, or managing of the entire network through centralized supervision
  • Local or remote management of messages and mailing lists based on the brand message
  • Posting on social networks — analyze and control tools
  • Create the atmosphere you desire by broadcasting your music playlist and video content simultaneously or independently
  • Management and distribution of all types of media: photos, music, videos, slide shows, web content, RSS feeds … Management mono and multi-screen
  • The Social Retail platform allows the planning, administration and distribution in a few clicks from a single computer
digital Social Retail - convergence platform

Why choose us?

We provide the hardware software and service for your needs.

Convergence of the need of Retail and Digital.

Management and integration of brand postings or targeted advertising campaign.

A team of qualified technicians to guide you.

A very low cost of operation.

A simple and powerful software thats fits your needs.

One single person to manage the entire network.

A 100% uptime software, at any one of your customer’s touchpoints.

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