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Beacon & Digital Signage

Create beacon-powered push notifications for your mobile app and digital signage campaigns in minutes with Social Retail. Packages start at $79/month. For instance, if you’ve installed the crypto superstar app on your phone, you’ll get instant trading alerts by push notification. It notifies you of trade operations, and as a trader, it will help you keep abreast of the latest updates.

ESSEC Business School

The world's first connected campus: ESSEC Business School connects its campus to Social Retail platform.


Social Retail Digital Signage

Push dynamic content to your digital signage to engage and monetize your audience for just $99/month (screen included)

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Social Retail Beacons

Capture lost foot traffic by pushing messages to your audience's mobile phones as they pass near your store or venue.

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Our digital convergence platform delivers a truly engaging experience.

Social Retail enables you to blend the physical and digital - and provide the experience your audience is craving.


Engage your audience in a mobile-enabled world

Capture your audience via proximity-triggered notifications to their mobile phones.

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Unparalleled analytics for maximum ROI

The Social Retail platform gives you complete, real-time analytics, so you can convert data into sales.

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Manage all of your content from one computer

Whether you have one screen or a thousand, manage all of them from one screen with the Social Retail CMS.

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Digital platform solutions for every type of business.

No matter where your audience is, we have the tools to help you engage them more effectively than ever before. In today's digital landscape, engaging audiences extends beyond traditional means. Consider the vast world of online entertainment, including casino games. By leveraging platforms and strategies tailored to the digital realm, such as those found on 카지노 사이트 or casino websites, businesses can expand their reach and captivate audiences in new and exciting ways.

Retail & Malls

Smart City






«The idea of this project emerged as a result of visiting a mall in London that allowed visitors to stroll and have all the mall events on their smartphone. Having been asked to set up a 'badge card' system in our classrooms to facilitate the roll call of students by teachers, I immediately saw the potential of this type of technology and I connected the dots. We are in the space of connected objects which will allow an additional set of possible services to be invented by our students. A big thank you to Digital Social Retail for accepting this challenge and to have made a great adventure».
Catherine Croiziers de Lacvivier, CIO ESSEC Business School

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