Social Retail is a digital convergence platform that connects restaurants, streets, campuses, and cities to people

Create digital signage campaigns and beacon-powered notifications for your mobile app in minutes with Social Retail. Boost the power of future campaigns by collecting data and tracking analytics.

Social Retail connects France’s Courchevel Ski Resort

Digital Social Retail connects France’s biggest ski resort with the Social Retail platform using connectors.


Social Retail has partnered with both Samsung and LG to create a powerful Digital Signage solution

Seamlessly update all your screens with new content, videos, images, and text. Manage all your screens from one laptop, in one location or many. Want to post to social media? Do it all from one platform.

Announcing the new Eddystone / iBeacon Social Retail Beacon

Set up your connectors the way you want and sync it with the Social Retail platform to create proximity-based notification campaigns in minutes!

Social Retail creates the world’s first connected campus

ESSEC Business School connects its campus to Social Retail platform.

Digital Social Retail and ESSEC Business School of Paris have announced the first partnership of its kind, bringing beacon technology and a mobile app to the entire university.

Social Retail Creates France’s First Smart City

Digital Social Retail deploys Bluetooth® connectors triggering notifications to mobile phones of shoppers and tourists in Saint Etienne, creating France’s first Smart City.

Digital Social Retail creates the first connected street in France

Social Retail equips St. Entienne, a street in Paris, with the Social Retail Platform, making it the first street completely online in the world.

Connected Street in Paris

Digital Signage

Unlimited flexibility remotely
Promote new products and offers
Say goodbye to legacy tech

Connector Technology

Unlimited content and targeting
Promote products and time-sensitive offers easily
Increase foot traffic and attract new customers

WiFi Technology

Push special offers and brand messaging
Increase foot traffic and attract new customers
More time spent on premises = more revenue
Enhanced customer tracking

Social Retail has partnered with both Samsung and LG to create a powerful Digital Signage solution

Samsung digital signage

Social Retail® platform is now integrated and compatible with the Samsung software solution “Samsung Smart Signage Platform” (SSSP) for the European market.


Social Retail® platform is now integrated and compatible with the LG screens software solution for the US and European market.

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«The idea of this project emerged as a result of visiting a mall in London that allowed visitors to stroll and have all the mall events on their smartphone. Having been asked to set up a 'badge card' system in our classrooms to facilitate the roll call of students by teachers, I immediately saw the potential of this type of technology and I connected the dots. We are in the space of connected objects which will allow an additional set of possible services to be invented by our students. A big thank you to Digital Social Retail for accepting this challenge and to have made a great adventure».
Catherine Croiziers de Lacvivier, CIO ESSEC Business School

We’ve worked with companies like:

Essec Business School
Coca Cola
Apple & Google
Ville de Saint Etienne
La Poste
Square Habitat
Israel Masters
Paris Beaute
Centre Val de Loire
My Little Paris
Leroy Merlin
Duke Energy
Bouygues Batiment
US Army

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