Deliver the right messages at the right time to the right consumers


Social Retail’s Beacon Ad Server, in conjunction with our Content Management System, is expanding to be able to provide a powerful system for you to program revenue accelerating mobile campaigns- you’ll be able to easily take advantage of our suite of functionalities including budgeting, programming and targeting.

Best-in-class features to power your brand and reach your customers


Our technology team is continually evolving our Ad Server, always providing best-in-class features to power your brand and reach even more customers. Demographically targeted messaging sends just the right message at just the right time, allowing for laser sharp focus and most efficiently utilizing every dollar of your marketing budget.

Real time data analytics

Social Retail® platform provides complete real time data analytics directly from the DSR interface. Thus, you will be able to analyze and optimize your campaigns instantly, and convert your data into sales.


  • Average time spent inside the store;
  • Conversion rate passers-by/visitors;
  • Assessment of loyalty programs;
  • Progression of sales amounts deriving from loyalty programs;
  • Equipment: beacon, video, audio terminals and social media accounts.

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