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Retail & Malls
Drive more foot traffic into your stores, improve your in-store customer experience and build your loyalty program - all with Social Retail’s integrated retail solution. Our state-of-the-art Social Retail beacons allow you to send proximity-based notifications, special offers and discounts to the smartphones of customers passing near your stores. Once in store, our beacons allow you to track their entire Customer Journey. Additionally, our Content Management System and Ad Server allows you to manage your digital signage and push loyalty program signups to customers at your cash wrap, capturing them when they’re most likely to join.
Smart City
Wherever large crowds come together, Social Retail can enhance their experience and bring revenue to both the facility and its retailers. Use our technology to help your visitors navigate the area via both digital signage and smartphone notifications. Stores and shops can capture foot traffic by pushing offers, deals and discounts to their phones. Airports can offer passengers information about their location, check-in gates and exits, as well as improve both check-in and security processes. And best of all, you can manage it all from one place, using our Content Management System and Ad Server.
Campuses are ripe for the benefits of beacon technology - because students are already glued to their phone and rely on them for all sorts of information. The Social Retail platform can vastly improve student experience by delivering proximity-based interactive maps and wayfinding, real-time class schedules and updates of class time and room changes. Other benefits include: automatic check-in at events, real-time notifications for food, drink and merchandise discounts and even the delivery of classroom-specific content. With Social Retail, the potential is truly limitless.
Dining has become about much more than the food. Today, customers are looking for an integrated digital experience, and Social Retail helps chain restaurants deliver it. Whether you’re operating a QSR, Casual or Fast Casual store, you can use our beacon technology to send notifications, special offers, discounts and loyalty-building notifications to the phones of customers both passing by and in-store. Our platform also allows you to manage your digital signage and to easily update your food & drink menus and event information - at the individual store level. And best of all, you can do it from a single computer. It couldn’t be easier.
As in-home sports viewing has become more immersive, sports stadiums must deliver a better live experience in order to attract - and retain - fans. This is where Social Retail delivers. Through our beacon technology, you can send exclusive, stadium-only content and promotions to your fans’ smartphones. And perhaps more importantly, our beacons allow you to track fan behavior, movement and spending inside the stadium - giving you actionable data for not only improving the fan experience, but increasing revenue across the board.
It’s no secret that healthcare is undergoing tremendous disruption. This is especially true within hospitals. Patients not only expect great care, but also a better experience. With Social Retail’s integrated platform, you can send notifications to patients within your facility; automating the check-in process, giving them vital information and even helping them to navigate the hospital. This same technology can be used to locate staff and route them to critical tasks, as well as to track and monitor medical equipment. We also manage your digital signage, providing superior wayfinding and patient experience.

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