Social Retail® Content Management System

A powerful tool to generate
the right message at the right time

Manage your beacons, screens and more
with ease and sophistication


Social Retail® Content Management System offers flexible capabilities that enable brands to create and manage graphics, ads and video transmission in a large scale and flexible manner to your in-store screens, social media pages,  and  to your customer’s mobile phones.

For your campaign management— our CMS features an easy to use drag and drop interface that enables you to create powerful and informative campaigns.

Upload your content and create customized
Rich Media beacon Notifications

Our CMS is build with a rich array of features including:

  • Video streaming
  • Audio Streaming
  • Coupon barcode
  • QR code
  • Notification text
  • Street view maps
  • Customizable action buttons with links to any url (loyalty sign up, website, ecommerce, news, social media accounts)

We know your customers are always on the move and demand dynamic information, so our CMS will soon be able to transmit live feeds of timely content that will make your customers more engaged with your messaging.

Customizable options will include widgets with feeds to shoppers most demanded information:
• weather
• news
• traffic
• social media feeds, etc.

Our CMS works in concert with our proprietary Social Retail AdServer, our state of the art Social Retail® Beacons, and  our real time analytics to enable your brand to reach your customers with relevant messaging to drive engagement and convert street traffic into in-store traffic.

Plus our beautiful and customizable templates will create beacon messages that will drive conversion

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Social Retail® Content Management System