Your “Physical Web” Communication, Thanks to Our Beacon Platform

Optimize Your Digital In-Store Campaigns Directly and Efficiently


of buyers look up information online before buying in-store
of visitors look up in-store before buying online
of online visits convert in stores

Today, nearly all consumers are connected in some shape or manner, all the time.
They are tweeting about their finds, instagramming their faves, checking out your facebook page, the list goes on…

Say goodbye to


Functional Siloes

Incomplete or inefficient information flow

Inconsistent messaging and brand identity

Logging into multiple platforms

Struggling with incompatible systems


Drive your sales profit

By increasing customer foot traffic, conversion and loyalty


Improve your bottom line

With a platform that is simple, integrated and efficient — no more functional silos!


Punch up your message impact

Through customized, real-time, location-based engagement that consumers want when they want it most


Sharpen your brand image

Centralized control ensures a consistent, engaging brand identity


Boost your ROI

With our sophisticated analytics program that turns consumer-behavior into dollars

You want to stay connected with them but …

Beacon in shop
  • You work hard to create communications that reach them wherever they happen to be, and that are meaningful and relevant to them, and consistent.
  • You want to give them a consistent brand experience that’s authentic to who they are.
  • The problem is, for many companies, that is an elusive goal—and companies don’t always have the resources to create truly integrated communications, and their customers receive sub optimal and inconsistent messages. Companies allocate large budgets and staff, but are still struggling stay on top of all this activity.

Social Retail® is the solution