The future is now: Why digital signs are necessary for the modern business

There's something to be said for the tangible authenticity that brick-and-mortar stores offer - it's something they do far better than their web counterparts. But where the classic, timeless, in-person approach can fail is in results-driven marketing engagement. No matter how quaint your storefront may be, it won't tell potential customers what they need to know regarding sales, products, hours or other actionable information.

What some of these stores are missing is a surefire way to catch consumers' attention, deliver relevant information, promote the company brand and do all that without compromising the carefully curated, aesthetic appeal of the shop. Fortunately, digital display advertising aligns perfectly with those goals - offering up the best of both worlds:

"A temporary ad campaign can seem like an act of futility."

A stylistic chameleon
Sometimes, building up an in-store ad campaign for, say, a seasonal event that aligns with your brand and image can seem like an act of futility. If you're only going to keep it up for a few short months before having to change it out for the next seasonal campaign, what's the point? Not to mention there is a high cost in doing so. For a department store running out a holiday sale, that cost might be justified - but for a small, Mom-and-Pop shop, it may be harder to stomach.

Digital displays are designed for change. Not only can you place all of the same information and compelling imagery in a digital display board that you would on a static poster, that screen can be updated in real time and based on your needs.

Let's say you design a controversial or ambitious ad that falls flat. With traditional signage, you're looking at hundreds of dollars - maybe more - of sunk costs with no hope of profit generation. A total loss. With digital signage, a failed ad is not a problem. In fact, you can even experiment with a different style every week and see which one works best and be no worse for the wear.

A digital step forward
It's crucial to match your digital ads with your company brand and aesthetic, but it's just as important to embrace the modern technological wave. Some of the most compelling styles are ones that blend the old with the new - timeless decor but with a modern flair.

Embracing digital displays tells your customers you're committed to the latest tools techniques. Plus, digitization gives a level of control over your store's appearance and marketing not possible through static ads. Remember - in-store advertisement is just as much a part of store decor as the wallpaper. Everything should line up perfectly - but you shouldn't have to sacrifice time, money or aesthetic value just to change out an ad.

The bottom line is digital signage is the kind of digitization that brick-and-mortar stores should embrace - it can bring them into a new era and maintain their classic feel. To learn about how to incorporate digital displays into your business, schedule a demo with Digital Social Retail.

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