Consumer data confirms that retail customers are ready for beacons [Video]

Some retailers have dragged their feet when it comes to adopting beacons, convinced the technology is underdeveloped or that customers won’t be willing to interact with notifications sent to their smartphones. However, customer data collected by multiple consumer research firms suggests otherwise.

First and foremost, it seems that beacon advertisements already target retail customers where they are most likely to make a purchase. Forrester Research noted that over eighty percent of customers make buying decisions in-aisle.

Furthermore, a study undertaken by the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council reported that eighty-four percent of customers utilize their smartphones to make shopping decisions while visiting physical stores. That data suggests that interactions initiated by beacons are likely to be fruitful for businesses and customers alike.

Some retailers are already beginning to see encouraging ROI as a result of their beacon investments. For example, Hillshire Brands, parent company of nationally recognized consumer favorites like Hillshire Farms and Jimmy Dean, have utilized beacons in retail environments to generate a twentyfold increase in purchase intent for the retailer’s targeted products.

Within 48 hours of deployment, beacons used in HIllshire Brands retail environments were responsible for over 6,000 in-store engagements. This data makes a strong case for deploying beacon technology in retail environments looking to boost customer engagement.

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