{Infographic} Integrating iBeacon Technology And The Retail World

People in the retail business know that the needs and wants of their customers are always changing. That means your marketing strategy needs to be just as flexible as your customers. The popularity of smartphone ownership, for example, has made your clients more interested in coupons and recommendations sent directly to their phones. In order to keep up with the industry and stay competitive, you'll have to find a way to make your in-store marketing link up with this tech-based consumer trend. Take a closer look at everything beacon technology has to offer. Who knows? You may just find that to some of your most frustrating marketing challenges can be solved by connecting with your customers wirelessly.

Targeted engagement leads to superior results
Beacons, like those used and sold by Digital Social Retail, are cost-effective Bluetooth transmitters that "talk" directly with your customers' phones through your company's custom mobile app. You can get great results by setting up beacons near hot sale items and programming them to broadcast relevant coupons to nearby shoppers. Imagine a world where your customers receive personalized coupons whenever the walked by their favorite items or receive updates on their favorite brands as soon as they pass through the front door. Beacon technology can make it happen while putting a smile on the face of your customers.

Interactive marketing resonates with modern customers
Americans are more likely to do shopping research, check their budget and sign-off on big purchases all on their phones than ever before. This trend has made shopping so much better for mobile-savvy customers that they now expect similar service while shopping in real life. Thankfully, beacon technology provides a way for your business to give your customers what their digital heart desires.

By upgrading your beacon technology with a Content Management System, you can even collect customer responses to surveys, make personalized offers more personal, and prompt purchasing decisions with time-dependent coupons. Once your business gets ahold of beacon technology, opportunities to generate new revenue are limited only by your imagination.

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