Social Retail Restaurant

With Social Retail, manage your local marketing campaigns and create interaction between passers-by, their smartphone and your digital signage screens, all from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Control 1 or 1000 screens simultaneously.

We help restaurants generate more foot traffic to their front door

With Social Retail licenses, attract people passing by your brand through their smartphone, create your flash menu and your offers based on the filling rate of your restaurant. You pay to the results.
With Social Retail, you can drive the message of all your restaurants and send personalized notifications. Analyze the results: each restaurant is autonomous and you control everything.

The secret ingredient for the success of your restaurant!

Simple and effective, the Social Retail Restaurant solution will make your life easier and revolutionize your communication with your customers. Thanks to a unique interface, display your menus, your dishes, your videos, plan your distribution campaigns, increase the visibility of your brand and your turnover.

An innovative and responsive digital signage solution.

With Social Retail, define separate content areas on your screens and assign different messages (menus, promotions, events) and widgets (météo, info trafic, fil d’actualité) to each zone.


Manage your menus and prices with ease
Highlight your promotions, your events, your recipes, your team
Encourage your customers to sign up for your loyalty program
Promote your mobile app
Communicate about your restaurant to a larger audience
Increase incoming traffic to your business
Collect data about your customers to better serve them

Some statistics on the restaurant industry

Point-of-Sale Digital Signage Increases Brand Conversion Rate by 19% (Source: Nielsen Media Research)
consumers believe that technological tools such as mobile apps or self-service kiosks are very important in their restaurant choices. (Source: National Restaurant Association)


  • Digital Social Retail's team has been and continues to work with us to digitalize the ski station of Courchevel. After an initial training on the use of the platform, the Customer Success team remains available to accompany us on the deployment of connectors, the preparation of campaigns and the analysis of the collected data. The residents and the visitors of the station enjoyed receiving relevant information on their smartphones during their stay, a true sign of innovation of the station.

    Dominique BellavardeCourchevel
  • Digital Social Retail's worked with us in the preparation of our messaging for the holiday period. We prepared notifications among which the contents and the objectives varied between the discount of a specific model, the advertising of our Christmas contest through our Facebook page, and the emphasis of a new Jeep model through our website.

    Justin DebovesAuto Picardie
  • Aside from increasing customer sales, the digital signage has been extremely useful for stream lining sales and communication to each retail location. It’s good for quick messaging so that everyone can see the sales and events everyday. The messaging puts everyone on the same page which helps management manage their teams. Because the sales team is seeing product promotions more often, they are able to push specific products more efficiently.

    Sam ThrockmortonMadvapes

License Social Retail Restaurant

From $600/year