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Drive more foot traffic into your stores, improve your in-store customer experience and build your loyalty program - all with Social Retail’s integrated retail solution.

Capture lost foot traffic
Our state-of-the-art Social Retail beacons allow you to send proximity-based notifications, special offers and discounts to the smartphones of customers passing near your stores.

Enhance & Track the customer journey
Once in store, our beacons allow you to track their entire Customer Journey.

Manage Everything from one place
Additionally, our Content Management System and Ad Server allows you to manage your digital signage and push loyalty program signups to customers at your cash wrap, capturing them when they’re most likely to join.


Social Retail Platform


Social Retail® digital signage platform

With Social Retail’s Video Module, you can seamlessly update all your screens with new content, videos, images and text. Regardless of whether you have one screen or one thousand, you can manage them all from one computer.

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Social Retail® beacon platform

With our Beacon Module, you’ll be able to program revenue accelerating mobile campaigns. Capture lost foot traffic by pushing messages to your audience’s mobile phones as they pass near your store.

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Social Retail In Action / Case Study


Digital Social Retail Equips With Its Social Retail Platform the First Online Street in Paris, France

MyOnlineStreet (MaRueConnectée), an event organized by Paris Beauté Agency, aims to promote, on the one hand the local retail stores by strengthening their client relationships through digital tools and services; and on the other hand, to create client dynamics of exchange and sharing through various fun and interactive activities.

Given the rise of e-commerce and m-commerce, the ecosystems of brick-and-mortar stores have been disrupted. However, these will certainly not disappear, quite the contrary!

Brick-and-mortar stores need to reinvent themselves. Thanks to in-store new technologies, retail points of sale are digitized and the concept of multichannel e-commerce appears to become a role model for traditional retailers.

However, a while ago it was thought they didn’t stand a chance when the concept of “e-commerce” was on everyone’s lips, on every screen and across the entire global media.

At the moment, it is safe to assume the following:

The brick-and-mortar store is not dead and has a bright future ahead of it! This will become a fact by using new technologies related to support and knowledge of retailers.

MyStreetOnline (MaRueConnectée) is a not-for-profit event run by JNOSC Association. During each edition, the profits will be given to an association protecting sick children. In the case of MyStreetOnline (MaRueConnectée) First Edition, the profits will be transferred to MEGHANORA Association.

Why this approach?

  • To enhance activities, and knowledge of products.
  • To strengthen client relationships.
  • To develop traffic and turnover of retailers via loyalty digital tools and online devices.
  • To offer innovative and intuitive communication formats and tools.
  • To create and unite a sharing community on social media between clients and retailers.
  • To give customers the opportunity to discover all online tools, services and activities in order to facilitate their act of purchase and everyday life.
  • To develop a short TV program plan of our suite of functionalities including budgeting, programming and targeting.

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