Social Retail for Hospitals

It’s no secret that hospitals can be chaotic. Patients not only expect great care, but deserve a better experience.


  • Automate the patient check-in process
  • Create indoor navigation for the hospital
  • Send notifications directly to visitors, patients, and hospital staff
  • Provide seamless internal communication
  • Manage your digital signage
  • Track medical equipment location
  • Automate medical staff check-in and availability
  • Notify patients of wait period while in waiting room
  • Notify patients when they are being are about to be called next to quicken the walk-in process
  • Digital Signage can better promotes sales within gift shop and cafeteria
  • Digital Signage in employee break rooms can inform employees of new policy changes, company events
  • Digital Signage can replace nursing station / operating room whiteboards to improve communication and workflow

Industry Facts

Indoor GPS makes navigating 30% faster than a written route description (Source: The Guardian)
All junior doctors surveyed reported getting lost on the way to an emergency call, potentially endangering lives as a result (Source: The Guardian)
6.9 million
missed hospital appointments due to hospital navigation difficulties (Source: The Guardian)

Social Retail Platform

Social Retail digital signage platform

Social Retail® digital signage platform

With Social Retail’s Video Module, you can seamlessly update all your screens with new content, videos, images and text. Regardless of whether you have one screen or one thousand, you can manage them all from one computer.

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Social Retail beacon platform

Social Retail® connector platform

With our Connector Module, you’ll be able to program mobile notification campaigns for your hospital and let your staff and patients know about important information.

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