Social Retail for Campuses

Your students are bombarded with digital messages from multiple screens. How do you win their attention?


  • Attract students, parents, and funding by modernizing the look of your campus
  • Help students find their next class via indoor navigation
  • Inform class schedule and classroom updates
  • Attendance tracking – check class attendance in an automated way
  • Notify and locate students and their parents in case of emergency
  • Send alerts when a teacher is absent
  • Distribute calendar of campus events
  • Remind students of financial aid and other administrative deadlines
  • Save on printing costs and time

Industry Facts

of colleges were implementing digital signage displays in 2014 from emergency notification to way-finding to hall of fame displays (Source: HigherEd Tech.)
of US colleges and universities have activated mobile apps or planned to offer them by the end of the academic year (Source: Campus Computing Survey)
hours a day is the average time college students are spending on their smartphones (Source: Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business study)
times in class during a typical day, the average student uses a smart device for “nonclass purposes”—in other words, texting,emailing and using social media (Source: Inside Higher Ed)

Social Retail Campus Case Study


France’s Top Business School Chooses the Social Retail Platform to Connect its Campus

As evidence that higher education is increasingly interested in leveraging the latest marketing tools, Digital Social Retail and France’s ESSEC Business School have formed a mobile app and connector technology partnership. The alliance is the first time, ever, that an institution of higher education turned to connector technology as a means of forming better relationships with its students. But the forward-thinking ESSEC Business School and Digital Social Retail may have paved the way for more colleges and universities to come.

Connectors provide an effective, non-invasive way to reach out
ESSEC has 5,000 students spread across two campuses in Paris. Delivering the right message to the right student in the right are of the campus posed a challenge to school administrators. Mass emails aren’t flexible or specific enough, individual emails prove to be too cumbersome, and SMS messaging is too invasive. Using Digital Social Retail’s customized connector platform in tandem with the school’s mobile app, Digital Social Retail integrated the Banner® ERP platform with Ellucian. Essec now has the ability to send student-specific notifications at the right time. This goes for wayfinding, classroom attendance, event dissemination, evacuation protocols, and anything else the students need to know.

  • Sending class schedule and classroom information
  • Checking class attendance
  • Sending alerts when a teacher is absent
  • Indoor navigation to help students find their next class
  • Locating or notifying students in the event of an emergency

Other benefits include: automatic check-in at events, real-time notifications for food or drink, merchandise discounts, and even the delivery of classroom-specific content.

“The idea of this project emerged as a result of visiting a mall in London that allowed visitors to stroll and have all the mall events on their smartphone. Having been asked to set up a ‘badge card’ system in our classrooms to facilitate the roll call of students by teachers, I immediately saw the potential of this type of technology. We are in the space of connected objects which will allow an additional set of possible services to be invented by our students. A big thank you to Digital Social Retail for accepting this challenge and to have made it a great adventure.”
– Catherine Croiziers de Lacvivier, CIO ESSEC Business School


Beacons can help students find their way to their next class.
Connectors can help students find their way to their next class.

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Social Retail beacon platform

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Students already spend all day on their phones. Use it to your advantage. Distribute messages as needed, at key points across your campus.

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