Behind the curtain: 3 digital signage tricks to ‘wow’ your customers

No matter how you end up using digital signage, it's still has plenty of advantages over traditional non-digital ads. But that doesn't mean you should settle for what's simple - especially not when digital display advertising has so much creative potential. To get you started, we've outlined a handful of the most eye-catching techniques that the best marketers are leaning on to make sure their digital signage captures their target audience.

1. Build a mystery
When your customers see your first sign, how do you entice them? You could consider turning your digital display board into steps along a path that lead the consumer to new sales, promotions or access codes. Each one might leave a hint about where to go next or how to find the next sale - like breadcrumbs on a trail. Experts in digital signage implementation recommend having each animation last 7 seconds for optimal audience impact, according to Digital Signage Today.

"Everyone loves being in on a secret."

2. Incorporate a "secret message"
For marketers, willing audience engagement is key. By leveraging digital signs, you can entice viewers to sign up for beacon alerts. One sign can say, "Head into our store for info on a secret message that can help you save." Then, inside the store, show another sign with details on how to sign up for beacon alerts and learn about promotions. Everyone loves being in on a secret and there is evidence digital signage can keep customers coming back: According to InfoTrends, digital displays have increased repeat buyers by over 30 percent.

3. Change it up often
What if your store interior could be different every single time a customer comes in? With digital signage, that's entirely within the realm of possibility. For restaurants, the ability to change digital display menus from breakfast to lunch to dinner is perfect, but retailers can enjoy that versatility, too. Maybe your sign has a different appearance and promotion every week, enticing customers to return and see what's new. But don't change just for the sake of it - use this opportunity to try different color schemes, play with your brand image, or roll out potential ad campaigns in smaller doses. With the ability to experiment you can find the best option without risking a large-scale failure.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of possibilities for digital signage. Essentially, the only thing limiting the way you use digital displays is your imagination. If you want to learn more about how to get started, contact Digital Social Retail for more information.

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