Digital Social Retail transforms the spectator experience at Israel’s first golf masters

IMG_2707 IMG_2716 golf-mobile-capture-4golf-mobile-capture-2

Digital Social Retail, with it’s cutting edge Social Retail Sport® platform, app and beacons- is making  some groundbreaking noise at the Edmund de Rothschild Israel Masters in Israel this week.

Each golfer (well, actually their golf bags..!) is equipped with a Social Retail beacon. Spectators download the Social Retail app (ios or andriod) and voila! as they move around the course, the real time scores and stats of each player are available as the spectator arrives in the vicinity of the player. Notifications pushed via the Social Retail bundle enable the viewers to track the players in a way not possible before. there are also beacons around the venue- providing information and specials for restaurants, hotels and other amenities for the spectators of the events.

Digital Social Retail is excited and proud to be part of this wonderful advancement in sporting event participation- which enables venues to provide their attendees with new levels of engagement and create high levels of loyalty

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