Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the sound work on my screen?

It is normal that with the remote control, you can’t change the volume of the sound of SSSP screens to avoid accidental changes.   To do so, here are the steps: 1. Switch the screen off/on and 2. Click the “Source” button on the remote 3. After few seconds, a menu appear with the different video sources: Select PC 3. Now you can increase/decrease or mute the sound 4. Click on “Content(Home)” on the remote 5. Select “Launch URL” to launch the display

I followed all the steps for connecting my signage screen to the DSR platform, why is the DSR application still not launching?

1. Make sure your screen software is up to date.

  • Click “Menu” on the remote
  • Select “Support” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Software Update”
  • Select “Update Now”

2. Check the internet connection

  • Click “Menu” on the remote
  • Select “Network” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Network Status”
  • If screen is not connected to internet via wifi, try an ethernet cable

3. Screen works with ethernet cable but not wifi

  • Wifi router may be too far away from screen or providing the screen a good connection
  • Move the wifi router closer to the screen, make sure wifi router is not hidden
  • Purchase a wifi booster if need to enhance the wifi connection

4. Double check the URL that was inputted

  • Samsung SSP2:

  • Samsung SSP3 (Vertical - portrait screen):

5. Is the screen still not launching the DSR Platform after trying all the steps?   Do a Factory Reset:

  • Turn off the screen.
  • Press “MUTE 1 8 2” on the remote and then Power On.
  • Select “Option > Factory Reset”.
  • Select “Factory Reset”.
  • Reboot the screen, it will now show the start-up guide.

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