Courchevel Ski Resort

The Challenge:

Courchevel Ski Resort is the most glamorous ski resort in France, offering visitors skiing and snowboarding across the world’s most expansive interlinked ski area. Offering 150km of slopes, serviced by 58 lifts, the biggest challenge was figuring out where to strategically place beacons so that the entire resort is covered by beacon technology.

Products Utilized:

- Social Retail’s Beacon Campaign Manager

- 36 Beacons (Placed in 13 locations throughout the campus)


- Provide real-time, specific info regarding safety, weather, and slope conditions

- Provide visitors with a more personal experience

- Promote Sweepstake events / encourage visitors to take surveys

- Share videos / pictures of visitors enjoying the resort

- Increase brand awareness

The Results:

- Significantly increased visitor engagement (632 notifications opened in first 11 days of beacon implementation)

- Visitors encouraged to take surveys for chance to win special promotions

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Digital Social Retail and ESSEC Business School of Paris, France, have announced the first partnership of its kind, bringing beacon technology and a mobile app to an entire university, in this case two separate campuses.