Essec University

The Challenge:

Essec University is one of France’s top business school. The university partnered with Digital Social Retail to help improve classroom management with automated roll call, improve communication between school administration and students, increase student participation in events, and provide indoor navigation.

Products Utilized:

- Social Retail’s Beacon Connector Campaign Manager

- 94 Socail Retail Long Range Connector Beacons


- Improve student-teacher communication

- Have automated attendance to save classroom time

- Provide Indoor Navigation

The Results:

Social Retail helped create a mobile app that provided:

- Indoor Navigation GPS

- Automated Attendance via Bluetooth check-ins

- Instant university alerts

- Send students class schedule and classroom notifications

- Integrated university / student calendars

Quote from CIO ESSEC Business School: Catherine Croiziers de Lacvivier

The idea of this project emerged as a result of visiting a mall in London that allowed visitors to stroll and have all the mall events on their smartphone. Having been asked to set up a ‘badge card’ system in our classrooms to facilitate the roll call of students by teachers, I immediately saw the potential of this type of technology. We are in the space of connected objects which will allow an additional set of possible services to be invented by our students. A big thank you to Digital Social Retail for accepting this challenge and to have made it a great adventure.
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