Invest In Digital Social Retail IPO DigitalSocialRetail

Digital Social Retail: Reg A+ Offering

SEC qualified under Reg A+ on October 2, 2017; securities may be illiquid (trading anticipated by October 2018)

$4,250,000 Minimum Offering Amount (1,000,000 Units)

$8,500,000 Maximum Offering Amount (2,000,000 Units)

$1,275,000 Over-subscription Allowance Amount (300,000 Units)

$4.25 per Unit

Use of proceeds: 70% Sales and Marketing, 20% R & D

Digital Social Retail NIBA Interview

Social Retail for all your Marketing Needs

How to Setup Connector Campaigns

How to Setup Digital Signage Campaigns

Investment limits may apply. Investments in early stage companies are inherently risky; only invest an amount you can afford to lose. Securities will be illiquid until a trading market develops.