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Deliver proximity marketing notifications to local consumers and pay per notification, all from your smartphone with our new app Social Retail Mobile to Mobile.

Pay Per Notification – Pay Per Result. No Long Term Commitment. Create and Edit Content From Anywhere on your Smartphone.Broadcast Content in Real-Time

Do wish to fill your restaurants with customers?

With Social Retail licenses, attract people passing by your brand through their smartphone, create your flash menu and your offers based on the filling rate of your restaurant. You pay to the results.
With Social Retail, you can drive the message of all your restaurants and send personalized notifications. Analyze the results: each restaurant is autonomous and you control everything.

Do you wish to sell your real estate agencies’ goods as efficiently as possible?

With Social Retail licenses, broadcast information and rich media content around the “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs.
People walking nearby these apartments will receive a notification, you can guide them towards the apartment, your website, and let them directly schedule a visit to collect email addresses and leads.
From the Social Retail platform, you can manage the messages of all of your agencies and send customized notifications. Analyze the results: each agencies is autonomous and you control everything.

Do you wish to sell your retail stores’ stock quickly and advertise your special offers nearby?

With Social Retail licenses, attract nearby consumers through their smartphone to increase foot traffic in your stores. With Social Retail Mobile to Mobile, you take a picture of a product on sale and people walking by your stores will receive a notification of this sale.
From the Social Retail platform, you can manage the messages of all of your stores and send customized notifications. Analyze the results: each store is autonomous and you control everything.

Do you wish to increase the revenue and awareness of your auto dealerships?

With Social Retail licenses, reach people nearby through their smartphone, incentivize the action of entering your dealership, notify them of special offers and emphasize specific models to increase sales. With a Social Retail Digital Signage screen, you can also showcase and manage different offers and models.
The Social Retail platform also has a CMS and an Analytics tool for you to collect leads and analyse your campaigns’ performance given the data. You can get a precise reporting about the foot traffic in your dealerships depending on the time and specific zones.
Each dealership is autonomous. You can manage their respective messages from the same device.


From your smartphone, take a picture of a product, indicate additional info about it then send it out your mobile notification in the physical web via Social Retail’s platform.
All in just few minutes!


With Social Retail Mobile to Mobile, you’ll only pay when you get results. Start by crediting your Social Retail account with a certain amount of notifications, indicate your daily budget and your account will be charged $.29 each time you send out a notification. It’s the Google AdWords ™ model adapted and simplified for your business’ needs. Proximity marketing notifications help you engage with local consumers in a way that is not accessible to your competitors. Social Retail Mobile to Mobile lets you do so by paying-per-result and without a long-term commitment.

Promote products


With certain segments this is a highly effective targeting tactic. Fine tune your campaign effectiveness by tracking metrics such as sent, opens, clicks and signups.


Smartphones have become an irreplaceable professional and social tool. Mobile apps are now much more popular and efficient than websites. Social Retail Mobile to Mobile helps you adapt your business to this frenetic pace by simplifying the delivery method and rendering it fluid from a small screen.

Increase foot traffic


Constant progress of our devices capacities and features is a unique asset, let’s take advantage of it! By sending out quality pictures visually created for mobile screens, you can be certain to present aesthetically pleasing content to your audience.


  • Digital Social Retail's team has been and continues to work with us to digitalize the ski station of Courchevel. After an initial training on the use of the platform, the Customer Success team remains available to accompany us on the deployment of connectors, the preparation of campaigns and the analysis of the collected data. The residents and the visitors of the station enjoyed receiving relevant information on their smartphones during their stay, a true sign of innovation of the station.

    Dominique BellavardeCourchevel
  • Digital Social Retail's worked with us in the preparation of our messaging for the holiday period. We prepared notifications among which the contents and the objectives varied between the discount of a specific model, the advertising of our Christmas contest through our Facebook page, and the emphasis of a new Jeep model through our website.

    Justin DebovesAuto Picardie
  • Aside from increasing customer sales, the digital signage has been extremely useful for stream lining sales and communication to each retail location. It’s good for quick messaging so that everyone can see the sales and events everyday. The messaging puts everyone on the same page which helps management manage their teams. Because the sales team is seeing product promotions more often, they are able to push specific products more efficiently.

    Sam ThrockmortonMadvapes

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