Digital Social Retail Equips the First Israel Golf Masters with Its platform Social Retail®

Holosfind (listed on Alternext: ALHOL) announces the creation of a special division: “Social Retail Sport”. A forthcoming specific solution for this market segment will integrate the technologies used by its Social Retail® platform to disseminate information and “iBeacon” proximity advertising around sports stadiums and events, directed at spectators and fans.

To mark this launch, the Holosfind Group signed a sponsorship contract for its subsidiary Digital Social Retail as one of the sponsors of the final event of the golf Alps Tour to be held at the renowned Golf Caesarea in Israel, 19th to 25th of October 2015. Digital Social Retail will be a sponsor partner, in good company with El Al, Nexity, Callaway and Golf Magazine among others.

A network of “Social Retail Beacons” will be installed at strategic locations along the course, some of which will be mobile. Spectators will then be able to receive and view on their mobile devices all kinds of local information in real time on the tournament, competition and players, weather, video content, and advertising messages.

Digital Social Retail will provide new generation “Social Retail Beacons” with unequaled performance: Resistant to extreme weather conditions (heat, wind, sand …) and able to reach mobile users up to 500 feet with a large flow rate, notably through the new microprocessor located in the heart of the devices that allows better management of the transmission and energy consumption.

This strategic management and marketing effort is important to our business because we believe that the sports industry can greatly benefit from our solutions to increase the engagement of fans and spectators, whether on the golf course, in a football or baseball stadium, or along the Tour de France. The market is potentially huge, with great benefits for users and very rewarding financial returns for advertisers and publishers. Every day we discover new market opportunities. With this experience, we will offer specific solutions to other players in the sports sector. Finally, the location of the tournament - in Israel - is appropriate since our excellent R & D teams are located in that country and in France“, said Sylvain Bellaïche, Founder - CEO.

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