Frequently Asked Questions

Do people need the Social Retail App to receive beacon notification messages?

If you are subscribed to our platform, there are 2 options.   Option 1: You can have people download the Social Retail app to receive your notifications ONLY if you are already subscribed to our Social Retail platform. To subscribe, please refer to: Pricing page   Option 2: You can create your own app and implement our Social Retail SDK into your app to make it compatible with our platform. Please contact us if you require the Social Retail SDK .   If you are developing your own app and do not want to subscribe to our beacon management platform, we recommend this SDK

Where Can I download the Social Retail app?

iOS - Click here

Android - Click here

What is the difference between the Social Retail Toolkit app and the BeaconSET (ios) or BeaconCFG (Android) app?

The Social Retail Toolkit app is only used for users who are subscribed to our Social Retail platform. This app allows the user to link their beacon the Social Retail cloud. Once the beacon is linked to the cloud, the Social Retail Toolkit is no longer needed, unless the user purchases additional beacons, and the user can now manage their campaigns on the platform.   The BeaconSET / BeaconCFG app is only used by users who are not subscribed to the Social Retail platform. These apps allow the user to modify the beacon’s settings (Transmission power, Range, UUID, Major, Minor, Name). Once the beacon’s settings are configured, the user can now start using the beacons in conjunction with their own app.

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