How Beacons and Other Tech Go Hand-In-Hand with Digital Signage

Digital signage displays are fairly impressive on their own, increasing factors like customer experience quality and satisfaction over 60 percent, according to Aberdeen Research. They get even more exciting when coupled with leading edge technologies like beacons, NFC, augmented reality and facial recognition. Your digital displays can create a whole new launching platform for customer engagement and brand enrichment thanks to creative and exciting applications such as these:

Better with Beacons

Beacons present the most compelling opportunities for digital signage because of their simplicity, their low cost and the analytics capabilities they draw from customers who opt in to the beacon platform. Signage software can easily couple with beacons to deliver dynamic, interactive experiences for customers visiting your retail space.

Imagine being able to reload signage content loops when a new customer approaches, enabling them to receive the full effect of the branded messages. You can also coordinate digital signage along with dynamic lighting and music to create a personalized cinematic-type event every time someone enters a product demo room.

Digital signage software and beacon platforms can also work in tandem to deliver exciting content both on the sign and on the customer’s mobile device, such as a sign suggesting a customer check out the fun product video that was just delivered to their device.

Another gamechanger beacons bring to the table is their ability to provide personalized customer experiences through data sharing. Customers opting in to the beacon platform are likely to also be sharing their shopping history, loyalty information, foot traffic patterns and interest personas.

Beacons can create dynamic, personalized and relevant displays that are designed specifically to pique the interest of one particular customer. One shopper could be informed about the new high-quality house goods just brought in stock, whereas another could find out about a limited-time discount on sportswear based on their respective interests and purchasing behaviors.

NFC for Quick Connections

Near-field technology holds quite a bit of potential for moving retail experiences onto a customer’s smartphone where they can feel more in control of their journey. Major brands like Trader Joe’s have already begun introducing contactless payment into their checkout system.

NFC can go beyond payment, though. It can actually serve as a more immediate substitute for customers who have not or do not want to download the beacon platform app. Digital signs can urge customers to tap onto NFC devices installed next to displays to receive offers, information or perhaps even the beacon platform app itself.

Augmented Reality

AR is without a doubt the coolest application for digital signs. Microsoft and Insomniac Games have installed jaw-dropping displays in outdoor areas for their title Sunset Overdrive, and “interactive mirror” displays let customers try products like glasses on without even having to touch a single pair. These applications will drive the future of what digital signs are capable of, bringing the digital, interactive retail experience closer to reality.

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Meta desc: Digital signage displays are fairly impressive on their own, but they get even more exciting when coupled with leading-edge technologies like beacons, NFC, and augmented reality.

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