Digital Signage Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Digital signs can have a powerful effect upon the customer experience. Nothing has the potential to disrupt static display advertising or ubiquitous store fixtures quite like digital sign platforms. Consumers are enraptured by the video experience. The bright, shiny displays can grab attention and communicate information far better than existing display “technology.”

One underestimated benefit is that digital signs can actually boost customer loyalty through many different methods. Here are just some of the ways that businesses are harnessing digital signs to increase customer loyalty while contributing to sales lift:

Better Customer Experience

One of the biggest benefits of digital signs is that they can be updated on-the-fly and that they have dynamic content displays. Restaurants can use these capabilities to keep specials boards up-to-date. Counter service restaurants can also use the digital signs to dynamically change while a customer orders.

Suddenly, they are presented with different options or suggestions based on the entree they selected. Since they got the hamburger, maybe they want to add a salad instead of fries for a small fee? Having the salad appear as an available option bumps its presence up from a secondary choice to a tempting offer, encouraging the customer to increase their ticket cost with extra additions. The menu can also flaunt dessert offerings that tease the palate with full-motion examples of how the chocolate sauce slowly melts over the Ă  la mode brownie.

For displays that update automatically, customers can be less frustrated by options that are no longer available. Busy eateries can eliminate menu items instantly rather than someone trying to order an item that has run out for the day.

Movie theaters across the U.S. have been using this capability to inform patrons of the current movie showing and times without the need for manually changing the signs. This practice reduces oversights and frees up labor to focus more on the customer experience.

Interactivity and Dynamic Video

Other brands are taking digital signs to a whole new level, literally. Establishments like Indigo Joe’s Sports Pub and Restaurant in Houston use small digital signs at tables to offer interactive games. These games can range from Blackjack and entertainment trivia, among others. Not only do customers get more enjoyment out of interacting with displays to the point where they are more likely to return, but they also are lingering for far longer so they can order more items like beers and appetizers even once their meal is finished.

Custom Content Streams

Restaurants and businesses can now have complete control over what diners are watching with their own custom TV networks. Digital sign content delivery platforms are now offering TV shows and sports games that can be accompanied by the restaurant’s branding. In between or alongside programming, certain specials or items can be advertised to increase ticket size and push underselling items.

Applications like these are blazing trails across the digital signage frontier and showing brands how the possibilities are only limited by their imaginations. Discover more about a digital sign software can help your brand by visiting our content management system product page.

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