Using Digital Signage in Banks

Banks and their patrons have become one of the most receptive audiences to the digital signage revolution. Traditionally thought of as dull, emotionless place, banks across the world have been seeking out ways to transform this “stuffy” image in ways that engage and even excite patrons.

Digital signs have come out as an effective means to add more pleasing experiences to banking while helping branches improve communication with their customers. Indeed, digital sign platforms for banks have helped invigorate the industry in ways that few other technologies could.

Energized Customer Experience

Waiting in line for a bank teller is one of the more trying modern routines in our lives. A simple transaction becomes prolonged into a lengthy affair where time seems to crawl to a standstill. Once the patron reaches the teller, a pleasant interaction can help curb the tedium they felt in the queue, but nevertheless many banking customers leave branches feeling worse for the wear.

Digital signage displays in banks can help modify this experience and turn customer expectations on their ear. With digital displays prominently visible throughout the branch and queue line, customers have something to occupy their mind while they wait to speak with a teller or branch representative.

Constantly-changing content captures their attention and keeps them feeling active even as they stand motionless. This simple alteration of the banking experience can help reduce the perceived wait times while preventing customers from becoming agitated or detached as a result of their wait. Many end up leaving feeling more positive overall about their banking transaction, even if they cannot point to digital signs as the reason why.

Strengthened Communication with Customers

Banks often have many financial products available that many customers underutilize or are not even aware of. Static displays regarding these services have a limited space to express their benefits. These static displays also tend to remain at a distance from customer interest.

Digital signage can use dynamic and engaging content to inform customers about financial services they may not have considered. Lengthier text, colorful animations and video demonstrations can all pique the customer’s interest and more fully explain how the services could be indispensable to someone in their situation.

Aside from service offerings, banks can also use digital signage to engage with customers on a personal level. Community updates such as local events, weather and news can all help customers identify the bank branch and its workers as part of the local family.

Interspersing these types of information along with product offerings can keep the customer actively paying attention to both branded and non-branded messages. Best of all, this content can be standardized across branch locations with one simple action thanks to the powerful capabilities and simple interfaces of digital signage platforms.

Open Possibilities

As mentioned in a previous blog, banking companies like Toyota Financial have used digital signs in conjunction with other technologies with creative results. At locations throughout Japan, Toyota Financial installed kiosks for patrons to talk about their views on family finances. The best responses were used as part of a dynamic digital signage content campaign and broadcast for everyone to see.

With ingenious applications like these, it should come as no surprise that digital signs are gaining a rapid foothold among banking companies. Let Digital Social Retail help pave your path to the future using our digital signage platforms and easy-to-use content management system so that your bank customers are always impressed with your cutting-edge sensibilities and fresh content. Visit our product overview page to discover more.

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