HOLOSFIND Enters Exclusive Negotiations to Acquire CEAL Company and Startup FLAGTOWN SAS

PARIS – (1/11/2017) — Holosfind (ALHOL - eligible PEA-SME) entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire 100 percent of the capital of CEAL Signage and 60 percent of the capital of the startup FLAGTOWN SAS, which are related operations.

CEAL, created in 1972, specializes in the management of user flows for signs and signage for zones or buildings. With an 8,600 square feet workshop, CEAL manufactures luminous and non-illuminated signs (high-voltage tube, LED or low-voltage tube), texts that are flat or embossed, bands, totems, digital printing, POS, etc. It uses all types of materials and regularly invests in high-performance equipment in order to meet the needs of the market as well as to improve the quality.

Its clients include McDonald’s, Artus Interim, Soccer Park-Le Five and more than 1,500 other customers. The company and its related operations are expected to achieve revenue of 470,000 euros in 2016.

FLAGTOWN SAS is a startup that has designed and implemented “Connected Territories.” The FLAGTOWN solution, integrating Social Retail® technology and some specific developments, makes it possible to manage the physical and virtual management of user flows and information for all economic sectors of a territory (communities, tourism, trade, hospitality, leisure) to help better understand the territory. User support is free of charge and is based on user experience, without marketing the user’s data to third parties. This ethical vision integrates many societal features for the SMART CITIZEN application.

The meshing of the territories is carried out with physical supports manufactured by CEAL in Tours, France. It supports the Loire Valley region, the Touraine department and Tour(s) Plus, with the first deployment under the brand name “Connected Touraine” where several hundred “Connected Points” will be deployed during the first months of 2017.

The collaboration between these companies will enable a unique digital product for the “Smart City” to be offered for the first time in a national territory.

A 100 percent “Made in France” product offering, integrating the expertise of the CEAL-FLAGTOWN companies and the Social Retail® platform, will make it possible to launch and market a new concept of “Connected Signage” and integrate them into the urban world. Mr. Stéphane Grandjean, founding CEO of CEAL and FLAGTOWN, will be in charge of the development of this new branch of the Holosfind Group.

The final transaction document is expected to be finalized in early 2017. It will be the subject of a specific communication for the market and the shareholders.
With these new announcements regarding these exclusive negotiations, Holosfind continues to implement its 2017-2018 strategy.

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