Our Social Retail® platform allows you to create traffic acquisition in a physical location and online by simply reaching the right prospects in the right place at the right time.

Create traffic acquisition thanks to our Social Retail® Platform

Communicate in the right place, at the right time, with the right prospects

Digital Social Retail® welcomes Physical Web companies. This new approach boils down to creating in-store traffic by making your environment more intelligent, thanks to the connection between your physical space, the web and your clients by managing messages sent to smartphones and dynamic displays.

Consumer trends are changing (i.e. mobile shopping, pervasive connectivity, physical visits and online shopping etc.). The implementation of a Physical Web strategy via our platform enables us to tackle these changes by offering companies innovative tools that will grab the client’s attention on the spot.

Social Retail® ensures the convergence of your In-Store Digital Communication

Social Retail® offers a comprehensive Digital In-Store communication solution for managing your customer acquisition campaigns via smartphones and displays.

Thanks to our platform, you may now simply reach and geo-target, in the right place and at the right time, the right prospects and consumers passing by your store, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.

Premier Operational Solution for Customer Acquisition

1. Be a cost-effective market leader in digital innovation

2. Reap the benefits of a double acquisition channel, both offline and online

3. Win market share from your competitors

4. Increase your online and offline profits

Improve Your Communication Strategy

  • Drive your customer acquisition campaigns in your trading area, on social media and on your in-store displays
  • Cultivate coherent branding and messaging disseminated in-store
  • Drive your Web-To-Store campaign from 1 to over 1,000 physical locations using one simple PC
  • A non-siloed approach will allow you better response and efficiency in broadcasting your communication campaigns across all devices
  • Ensure the convergence of your audio, video and social media communication as well as online loyalty programs inside your points of sale.

Increase Your Profits In-Store and Online

  • Increase engagement inside the store
  • Increase the average shopping cart within your network
  • Expand your trading area
  • An improved customer acquisition rate (grab the attention of passers-by near your point of sale)
  • Decreased costs of customer acquisition (thanks to the “Physical Web”, it is cheaper to reach customers in the street than online)
  • An improved client retention rate
  • Optimize your ROI thanks to our behavioral analysis statistics tool, and convert your data into sales

Discover all our “PHYSICAL WEB” Projects

for each sector an utility

The opportunities offered by Web beacons and Physical are virtually endless, all sectors are concerned. Realtors to connect the agencies and their property, sport to increase interaction with the public, events to enrich the participants’ experience, the arts and culture to benefit information on tables or author.

Our Social Retail solution is able to adapt to your industry and meet all your hardware and software requirements for all of your projects related to beacons and Physical Web.

Social Retail is the engine that can drive more customer acquisition, loyalty and operational efficiency. Using our state of the art NAIA beacons, and our Content Management System and Ad Server, Social Retail® manages proximity notifications to shoppers with great precision.
Whether you use our SDK directly into your brand’s own app, or leverage our growing network of app publishers to reach consumers, you can be sure that with Social Retail® your content and messaging will be delivered to your current and prospective customers with ease and efficiency.
Social Retail® can help airports, as well as the retailers within them, enhance the experience of the travellers that pass through each day.
Social Retail® can manage the digital screens, and a full beacon proximity network from end to end. From our flexible Content Management System to our ad server, to our own state of the art NAIA beacons - we make it easy for airports to enhance the customer satisfaction of your clients and the revenue of your retail shops - for revenue generation or for local administration.
Municipalities, and out of home networks, partnering with Social Retail can impact the commuting shopping audience in a powerful way. Application in concert with out –of-home or transit networks - or even recreational areas, can drive both inform residents and drive in-store sales for local retailers as well as national brands.
Social Retail’s flexible Content Management System, in combination with our powerful Ad Server, and state of the art NAIA beacons, delivers essential notifications as well as impactful advertising.
Sporting Events, Concerts, Conventions, Political Events… whenever large number of participants come together at a venue - Social Retail® can enhance their experience and bring revenue to the venue and the vendors. Fans can receive notifications about navigating the venue, special offers from the stadium vendors, and a myriad of other crowd pleasing benefits. Using our state of the art NAIA beacons, and our Content Management System and Ad Server, Social Retail® manages proximity notifications to venue attendees with high level of functionality and success.
Chain restauranteurs - QSR, Casual Dining, Fast Casual - are all realizing the amazing potential of beacons and digital screen management for their business.
Social Retail’s powerful CMS and Ad Servers allows you to easily customize your screen campaigns, and send beacon notifications with traffic driving incentives as well as loyalty building messaging with bounce back coupons, upsell messaging, special item promotions, new menu item blasts… the choice is limitless. Unleash the power of your brand with the power of Social Retail®
Malls, Campuses, Hospitals & More
There are countless opportunities for businesses to utilize the important, cost effective and revenue increasing power of Social Retail®. Manage digital screens, and a full beacon proximity network with notifications from end to end.
From our flexible Content Management System to our Ad Server, to our own state of the art NAIA beacons - we make it easy for any business to find the most powerful way to take advantage of the state of the art technology we deliver.

Touch your customers at every point
on their shopping journey

Push marketing for better CX


The Store

Rich-Media mobile messaging cuts through the clutter, drives foot traffic and “creates the crave” for your merchandise.


  • Social Retail’s proprietary platform plus beacons sends customized messages straight to shoppers’ mobile devices when they are near your store, motivating them to come in and shop
  • Dynamic rich-media messages that entice customers with promotions, coupons and special offers


  • Social Retail platform + Social Retail’s beacons = powerful traffic-driving messages
  • Send video streams, promotional codes for shopper discounts, maps and photos
  • Active buttons allow customers to share messages, sign up for your loyalty program and more
  • Schedule by high and low traffic periods, time, day and update real-time


The Store

Optimise your digital signage and audio, enrich the shopper experience and bring your aspirational brand identity to life.


  • Flexibility to deliver updates in real-time, or schedule in advance to complement your annual promotion calendar
  • Precise control to customize and deliver relevant, timely content to individual screens, or update all at once


  • Single Interface: create, manage, update and schedule content across your entire retail network
  • Simple drag-and-drop tools for playlist creation and scheduling
  • Manage and catalog multiple forms and versions of content simply and efficiently
videos for better CX
Push marketing for checkout optimisation

At Checkout

Mobile loyalty program strengthens your bond with consumers and ensures repeat visits.

  • Send timely loyalty program invitations to customers as they check out
  • Opportunistically invite customers to convert the purchase they just made into reward points by joining your loyalty program
  • Monitor the dollar value of these conversions via Social Retail’s loyalty analytics tracking

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