Digital Social Retail congratulates Gil Catherine for finishing the Hong Kong 100 ultramarathon

Congratulations for Gil Catherine
Digital Social Retail recently spoke with ultramarathon runner Gil Catherine about his upcoming race schedule and how technology like beacons and digital signage is changing the sport. The interview, which can be read here, provided insights into how a disciplined training schedule and the addition of wireless beacons can make a 100 km foot race a bit easier to manage.

On January 23, Gil Catherine completed in his first race of the year, the Vibram Hong Kong 100. His training, a regiment of running 50 to 180 km each week, paid off as Catherine finished in 55th place out of the 818 runners who managed to finish the race.

"Digital Social Retail was proud to sponsor Gil Catherine."

As if running a 100 km race along rocky terrain and rapidly changing elevation was difficult enough on its own, Catherine and his fellow racers faced some serious obstacles along the way. Inclement weather, including snow across Hong Kong, was responsible for 40 injuries and lead to dozens of racers exiting the competition before reaching the finish line.

Despite the many hurdles in his way, Catherine made a way to finish the race ahead of most of his fellow competitors, clocking in with a completion time of 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Digital Social Retail sponsored Gil Catherine for the HK 100 and wants to congratulate him for his supreme effort. In fact, Catherine's adventurous spirit and personal dedication to pushing his own limits is the very quality that inspired Digital Social Retail to extend the ultramarathon runner a sponsorship opportunity.

Chasing excellence with Digital Social Retail
Digital Social Retail was proud to sponsor Gil Catherine's participation in the Vibram Hong Kong 100 because the sport and the runner are so in line with the the values that DSR holds most dear.

Discipline. A refusal to accept the mediocre. Professionalism in preparation. Ambition to be the best. These are the qualities that define a successful ultramarathon runner. Digital Social Retail aims to realize these high standards for performance as well. That's why these values are incorporated into every aspect of the business.

As Gil Catherine prepares for the Ultra Trail on Madeira Island in Portugal in April, Digital Social Retail is hard at work developing intuitive wireless beacon and digital signage solutions for use in sporting venues, airports and retail stores all over the world.

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