Visit Digital Social Retail at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show to learn more about how wireless beacons are making waves in the industry

Golf industry pros can trade solutions at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.
Golf industry pros can learn new solutions from tech vendors like Digital Social Retail at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.

Each year, over 40,000 members of the golf industry meet in one spot to explore the latest technology solutions, browse over a thousand interactive vendor tables and make new connections with peers and potential business partners. It all goes down at the PGA Merchandise Show, the biggest golf merchandise exhibit in the United States.

The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, scheduled for January 27-29 at the Orange County Convention Center promises to deliver invaluable networking and educational opportunities for golf facility owners, course managers, instructors, coaches, tournament directors and investors interested in purchasing a course or facility of their own. The conference will highlight emerging technologies, such as wireless beacons marketed by vendors like Digital Social Retail, is a must for any golf professionals who want to operate on the industry's cutting edge.

Masters of golf course data are better equipped to address the industry's top ills
Tee time is a booming business. According to Forbes, golf is a $70 billion industry employing almost 2 million Americans across the country. This is not to say, however, that the golf business as a whole doesn't have a few hurdles to overcome if industry leaders want the sport to keep growing. Chief among these potential threats to continued expansion are sustainability issues and limited interest in the sport amongst women. Thankfully, advances in golf course data collection have created pathways around these obstacles, and these solutions are on full display at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.

For example, a study conducted for the National Golf Course Owners Association revealed that about half of women who no longer play the game would start up again if they could find reliable playing partners, reported CyberGolf. Beacon technology could easily be used to locate and connect course members of similar ability and age range - this information could then be communicated to players via a handy and inviting smartphone application. Creating new social opportunities for golf course members is a cinch when using beacon technology in concert with adept content management systems, like those being showcased at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.

Wearable technology re-energizes the game for players and fans
Golf Digest noted that wearable technology was a major force in 2015, so it should be no surprise to industry decision-makers if wearable merchandise remains relevant in 2016. In addition to the latest and greatest wearable gadgets, like stat-tracking club accessories and data gloves, the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show will highlight technologies capable of leveraging the popularity of wearables for the benefit of facility managers, course owners and tournament organizers. Wireless beacons, for instance, could be used to send players advertisements for high-end wearable training devices based on their performance on the green.

"This inside look is a must for golf professionals on the industry's cutting edge."

Wireless beacons like those from Digital Social Retail are carving out a niche at PGA tournaments
One of the most appealing reasons for course managers to attend the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show is to get a closer look at how technology is used by the PGA during the organization's official tournaments. The 2015 Championship at Whistling Straits, for example, provided its 200,000 spectators with detailed, real-time updates on player scores and locations through an interactive "binocular" application. How did tournament organizers provide audience members with a closer look at the game? This innovative medium for watching the sport was made possible thanks to creative wireless beacon deployment.

Making informed investments for 2016 is much easier when decision-makers have an opportunity to visit with marketing experts like Digital Social Retail. By visiting DSR at this year's PGA Show, conference goers can preview technology like digital signage first-hand before identifying opportunities to enhance course operations. A few peeks behind the curtains at how the biggest names in golf use new technology to their advantage and a chance to confer with solution providers like Digital Social Retail is well worth the cost of admission to the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.

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