Digital Social Retail set to participate in the DSE Vegas Show 2016

The Digital Signage Expo is the world’s preeminent event to focus exclusively on the latest and greatest innovations and features in the world of customer- and employee-facing digital communication technology. The Expo takes place, appropriately, in the City of Lights - Las Vegas, Nevada. From March 15-18, more than 200 exhibitors from around the world will show off their products for attendees, who include brand marketers, ad executives, stakeholders and key decision-makers from numerous industries. Digital Social Retail is proud to count itself among the exhibitors that will be in attendance at the 2016 event.

Something for every industry

We may not always think about it, but digital signage is everywhere. As better technologies and methods emerge, businesses should take notice - digital displays are among the most effective forms of advertising both internally and externally. Consider a few of the major industries that leverage digital signage on a regular basis:

  • Retail: Agile, adaptable graphic displays inform customers of the latest promotions and deals - and change when something new comes along.
  • Education: Digital signage keeps students updated on everything from weather alerts to athletics results to the dining hall menu. They also create a more technologically advanced campus.
  • Food services: Nearly every fast-food restaurant uses digital signs as menu displays, but other establishments have also found a use for digital displays, like providing vivid images of daily specials.
  • Transportation: Subways, airports, train stations and even taxi cabs all utilize digital graphics and instructions for clear messages that are easy to update and hard to vandalize.
  • Many other industries use digital signs, including health care, athletics, IT and corporate.

Each one of these sectors will be represented at DSE 2016. Attendees will get a rare look at the newest initiatives and technologies before they become publicly available, allowing decision-makers to plan for these innovations and assess how they can help their organization.

There is perhaps no better host for a digital signage conference than Las Vegas, The City of Lights.There is perhaps no better host for a digital signage conference than Las Vegas, The City of Lights.

Social Retail to provide an inside look at its solutions

On March 16 and 17, Digital Social Retail will be stationed at booth No. 110 and prepared to educate attendees on how digital signage can boost ROI, convert leads, improve brand marketing and enhance customer loyalty. But if you’re attending DSE and you really want an in-depth look at the value of digital signage through Social Retail, you can book a free, 30-minute consultation to focus exclusively on your interests and needs.

DSE 2016 is a one-of-a-kind event that attracts the best and brightest in digital marketing communication and features exhibits and speakers from across the industry. Social Retail is excited for the conference and we hope to see you there!

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