How Beacons Can Impact Your Customer Experience

Beacon technology is poised to finally deliver a compelling interactive online experience right inside of the store. Customers who felt that physical retail had become too “vanilla” can now enjoy exciting benefits and sophisticated engagement as they move from store area to store area. These features not only benefit the customers, but also the brands that serve them in meaningful, profitable ways. Here is how:

Convert More People

Business Insider estimates that 0.1% of US retail sales will be directly influenced by beacon technology this year. While that may not sound like much, that equates to over $4 billion. As more retailers roll out their programs in the next months and more customers catch on to the programs, beacon-influenced sales are expected to increase tenfold in 2016 to a whopping $40 billion.

The prime reason Business Insider has so much faith in beacons is that the technology has demonstrated a remarkable ability to spur consumer action. Targeted deals, coupons and extremely limited-time offers all push customers to make tougher decisions about whether or not they want a product. If they have any interest in the product and are faced with a use-it-or-lose-it discount, they are more likely to bite the bullet and purchase.

Pulls People Walking Past the Store in for a Peek

Customers who have the compatible app do not always have to be in the store to get psyched about an offer. Anyone happening to amble past the storefront can be captured using exterior beacons to tempt them into visiting and receiving a special limited-time discount. Think of the same effect the Sunday coupon section has on some people but with the added thrills of not knowing what offers you will get every time you pass near a store.

Reduce Times Waiting on or Even Needing an Employee

Nothing can be more frustrating for a customer than not being able find something and also not seeing an employee who can help. Beacon-enabled apps can be used to ping the nearest store rep to come and assist, meaning that help is always a finger tap away.

That customer may not even need to get an employee, either. Many beacon apps can offer turn-by-turn store directions to find the product the customer was looking for on the exact shelf and location. That customer can also price check, see if inventory is available, and sometimes view how different colors of the same product would look as long as the app has the added functionality. Some apps even allow customers to go ahead and check out and pick up a receipt on the way out rather than waiting in a long checkout line.

Flex Loyalty Program Muscle

Loyalty programs can be great for stores and fun for customers, but they often create a lot of friction. Cashiers are forced to pester the customer and remind them about the program with every checkout. Customers have to find the card in their wallet or remember to enter in product serial numbers later in the case of manufacturer programs.

Register beacons can automatically transmit purchase data to loyalty apps, negating the need for any steps other than having your phone and Bluetooth on. Some loyalty programs are also adding points for actions like visiting a store, browsing a particular promoted section or going on a “scavenger hunt” to locate certain beacons. These gamification features make loyalty apps addictingly enjoyable and help encourage desired in-store actions from the customer.

The key to unlocking all of this potential is to have an excellent software platform for managing beacons, loyalty programs and other omnichannel marketing efforts simultaneously. Digital Social Retail’s convergence platform allows brands to harness the power of all these features in a simplified manner. It can also compile and present sophisticated analytics that make use of heaps of customer data created during visits and loyalty program activities. Take a look at our product page to find out more about how indispensable our software can be.

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