Beacons are the key to managing lengthy queues at large venues [Video]

In addition to slowing foot traffic of sports fans, concert goers or convention attendees, long lines at large venues hurt overall revenues by discouraging guests from standing in line.

Attendees might even forgo alcohol if the queue is too out of control.

An innovative, flexible solution is needed to address this human congestion, and beacons and digital displays powered by a streamlined content management system fit the bill perfectly while creating an fresh and exciting experience for attendees.

The best part about beacon updates is that they can be delivered straight to visitor smartphones, providing the venue with a direct line of contact with consumers. Visitors will be stoked to check their smartphones for updates and pieces of important information, such as the location of their seat or a warning about a long line at the concession stand.

Leveraging this unique consumer experience to sign up visitors for loyalty programs, influence the flow of moving fans in real time and share special deals are just a few of the ways that

stadiums, concert venues and convention halls could tap into the flexible potential that is beacon technology.

Streamlining the visitor experience also helps venues stay competitive with other forms of entertainment. Visitors who experience all the conveniences that beacons and digital displays could bring to a stadium visit are likely to score tickets later in the season and act as repeat customers. All of these factors contribute to beacons making a positive impact on the property’s bottom line.

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