Beacons keep golf courses on par with the latest marketing strategies

Beacon adoption is exploding across the retail sector as a means of streamlining communications between businesses and their customers. One factor driving this trend is extensive deployment of digital screens in retail environments. Over 11,000 interactive signs are on display at over 150 golf courses across the country, making these environments ideal for beacon deployment as well. Equipped with a powerful content management system, like the platform developed by Digital Social Retail, course managers can maximize the value of these technologies by effectively using them in tandem.

Highly functional apps are a hole-in-one for players
Wireless beacons can send push-notifications directly to the smartphones of visitors, allowing golf courses to enhance the player experience with timely weather updates, course maps and approach strategies. The same beacon-assisted app used to share course information can also serve as a handheld hub that players can use to pay green fees, extend reservations and seamlessly sign up for pro shop loyalty programs.

Streamlined broadcasting adds value to displays
Content management systems can be used to automatically display player and course information on digital screens as visitors move from one hole to the next. By collecting player performance data from digital scorecards, screens can even display up-to-date information on turn order and course availability.

These capabilities are even more useful for golf courses that regularly host tournaments. Player stats and tournament updates can be scheduled to broadcast on digital displays throughout competition, providing useful information for participants and spectators alike.

Increase pro shop foot traffic with relevant offers
Beacon notifications can also be used to drive revenues at golf course pro shops. By analyzing player performance and previous purchases made through the store's loyalty program, golf course content management systems can automatically deliver personalized suggestions on gear and accessories that could improve the player's game. Beacons placed inside pro shops are also ideal for encouraging visitors to consider limited time offers before they head home.

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