Businesses can take control of their brand with beacon-assisted signage

Digital signage has the potential to make an impact in nearly any retail environment.
Digital signage has the potential to make an impact in nearly any retail environment.

The use of digital signage has taken off in numerous market sectors, and the shift to smart 4K from 1080p has incentivized even more businesses to invest in this technology. According to, various industries have begun to realize the true value of digital signage for communicating marketing information to specific groups of customers in a new and engaging way - those companies limiting the use of their digital signage to that of a high-tech poster are missing out on a perfect opportunity to strengthen their brand.

If a company deploys beacons along with digital signage, gaining the capability to tailor what displays on digital signage to the needs of nearby customers, the sky's the limit in terms of how digital signage can be used to enhance the user's brand. Several nationally recognized chains, including Walmart, Target, Amazon and CVS, use digital signage to engage with in-store customers, according to Mobile Commerce Daily. In part as a result of deploying customer-centric digital signage solutions, each company has seen its brand value increase. A better understanding of how digital signage can help an organization refine its branding strategy is helpful information for companies in need of a new way to reach their customers.

Influence and reinforce positive customer perceptions with relevant marketing
Examining how organizations are already using digital signage provides some context for how the technology can be used to drive the value of a company's brand. Retailers, for example, enhance their brand by using digital displays to cross-promote merchandise and clue customers into hot deals available within the store. Beacon technology would allow for automatic display updates based on the proximity of customers and their shopping preferences. By digitizing the shopping experience, retailers can elevate their brand in the eyes of customer by mimicking the conveniences of an online shopping environment.

Taking a very different approach, health care organizations are using digital signage as a form of patient care. Vitamin-rich dieting suggestions, community health warnings and sickness prevention strategies are commonly displayed in hospital settings. These digital signs help to reinforce to patients that they are the central focus of the hospital. The more creative a company gets and the more tools at their disposal, the more effective digital signage can be for building up the value of a company's brand.

"Companies can build their brand up with the right mix of creativity and technology."

A robust content management system helps businesses to maximize their messaging
Companies looking to the take the next step in terms of brand building with their digital signs will need the right software solutions to turn their vision into a reality. Digital Social Retail's Content Management System is a prime example of how a powerful, easy to use application can manage graphic and video transmission across every compatible screen in the store. The same content management solution can be used to manage the delivering of targeted messaging to customer smartphone apps, and the potential synergy between these modes of communication to help stores shape (or reshape) their brand is nearly limitless.

Digital signage works best as a response to a discreet customer need
Investing in digital signage without a branding plan in mind may not be the most frugal business strategy a company can make. AV Network pointed out that the demand for nuance and interactivity with digital signage continues to drive technology in new directions. However, this should not be an excuse for companies to deploy digital signage to simply keep up with industry trends. Instead, digital signage should be deployed with a specific strategy in mind, like increasing customer awareness of a certain product. Access to beacon technology like proximity-based smartphone push notifications increases an organization's ability to be as intentional as possible with their signage.

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